Thursday, February 9, 2012

thoughts and ideas

As the result of feedback from today's midterm, I have narrowed the focus of the photos for the project show to open air markets and utensils.  The open air markets will show the various foods used by each country, and the utensils will show the number of different types of utensils used to prepare and eat the foods.  I plan to take a wide variety of photos, in a variety of places to give me a large number to choose from.

Researching the utensils, foods and spices used in each country will evolve into the Capstone paper.  When I asked the people in the school’s writing lab about the paper, their recommendation was to aim for 20 pages in length.  The questions I asked in class today the lab felt could be reasonably addressed in that length.

As part of the exhibit/show I would like to include two small tables set with the appropriate place settings as would be used in China and the United States.  I am also considering using digital frames as part of the show.  Traditional frames will also be used.  I have been thinking of using a 13x19 size for the prints for the show.  I don’t know if I want to use a larger print size.

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