Thursday, March 22, 2012


There have been many changes to the original idea.  I have progressed from Landscape to prepared foods and untensils to finally the products of the open air or farmers markets.  The reseach will nor be focused on the foods available in the markets.

The physical class is now over.  All that is left is the research, writing and taking of the actual photos.  Also the presentation of the work and creation of a book or binder when everything is complete.

artist statement, general

"Through photography I am able to capture nature.  This includes fabulous mountains, spring flowers, and many animals.  During my youth I was given small cameras and encouraged to take pictures.  This is when I first discovered that I could capture unique scenes from nature.  I loved the medium and still do, though today I use a digital SLR instead of point and shoot cameras."

I need thoughts and ideas to improve this.