Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Plans for summer trip

This summer is going to be very busy.  I graduate on 16 June, then on 25 June I leave to tour the United States until 22 July whenI will board a plane and head to China.  In China as well as the United States, I will be taking lots of photos for my Capstone project.  I will be returning from China on 29 August.  During September, I will be selecting and preparing photos for my Capstone Show.  When the show is over, I will be completing the Project Binder and getting it turned in.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


There have been many changes to the original idea.  I have progressed from Landscape to prepared foods and untensils to finally the products of the open air or farmers markets.  The reseach will nor be focused on the foods available in the markets.

The physical class is now over.  All that is left is the research, writing and taking of the actual photos.  Also the presentation of the work and creation of a book or binder when everything is complete.

artist statement, general

"Through photography I am able to capture nature.  This includes fabulous mountains, spring flowers, and many animals.  During my youth I was given small cameras and encouraged to take pictures.  This is when I first discovered that I could capture unique scenes from nature.  I loved the medium and still do, though today I use a digital SLR instead of point and shoot cameras."

I need thoughts and ideas to improve this.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

More mindmaps

These maps show both the narrowing of the project and the beginning thought on the project binder.
This map shows where i will be focusing my research and my photography for the Capstone project.  I will be linking the research and photography together in the process of completing the project.
This map shows the beginnings of my thoughts and ideas on the creation of a binder or book to present the results of my project work.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

thoughts and ideas

As the result of feedback from today's midterm, I have narrowed the focus of the photos for the project show to open air markets and utensils.  The open air markets will show the various foods used by each country, and the utensils will show the number of different types of utensils used to prepare and eat the foods.  I plan to take a wide variety of photos, in a variety of places to give me a large number to choose from.

Researching the utensils, foods and spices used in each country will evolve into the Capstone paper.  When I asked the people in the school’s writing lab about the paper, their recommendation was to aim for 20 pages in length.  The questions I asked in class today the lab felt could be reasonably addressed in that length.

As part of the exhibit/show I would like to include two small tables set with the appropriate place settings as would be used in China and the United States.  I am also considering using digital frames as part of the show.  Traditional frames will also be used.  I have been thinking of using a 13x19 size for the prints for the show.  I don’t know if I want to use a larger print size.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

proposal for capstone

a study in contrasts


To take photos within the United States and China and present a show comparing the two cultures through the foods we eat.

Areas of study

Food as it is available in stores and as it is placed before you in restaurants.

Culture as it applies to the food as it is prepared and served.

Research questions

In what ways does food preparation differ between China and the United States?

What spices are used in different areas of each country?

Is there a difference in how meals are presented for eating?

What is the history of the eating tools of each country?

What are the different varieties of Chinese and American food?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

artist statement

A Study in Contrasts

I have a great interest in travel and visiting various parts of the world.  During the fall and winter of the years 2007 and 2008, I spent some time in China while my husband was there teaching.  While there I was able to travel to many places in China.  My place of birth is W├╝rzburg, Bavaria, Germany and I have lived in many areas of the United States of America.  These experiences have produced an interest in the foods of differing areas within different countries.  During my visits to China and travels in the United States, I noted many contrasts.  The unique foods found in different areas of each country provide the best way to present these contrasts.

         In China

Meals which include bird tend to use the whole bird including feet and head. Fish tends to be treated the same way. 

Meals are communal and dishes are served so that everyone serves themselves. 

Meals are eaten with chopsticks and a Chinese spoon.

         In the United States

Meals with bird or fish do not include heads, feet or tails.

Meals tend be served to the individual.

Meals are eaten with fork, knife and spoon.

Visually the presentation of food is different in both countries.  The difference occurs since what is considered appealing is very different in each country.  My work has encompassed learning techniques to best present a visual representation of the foods eaten in each country and selecting appropriate photos for their appeal.