Tuesday, January 17, 2012


In class today we discussed what research is and where we might go for information. 
Here are some of my notes from the class.
Common language usages
   White coats, family history, focus groups
Artistic research
   Local history, rest materials, reactions
Academic research
   Formal, public end product...report, thesis,rules and styles
   Quality control....ethics, standards
   Institutional support....software, people
These notes were to help us determine what kinds of research exists. 
Additionally we discussed where to locate sources and how to determine legitimacy of web sources.  Various search engines were recomended as was the library web page.  Keeping track of where we get information was also strongly encouraged and ways of doing so were discussed.

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  1. I love the point about legitimizing web-sources--it can be hard to know if something is just blogged or if it's actually fact sometimes.